Lathem 1600E Tru-Align Atomic Time Clock

Atomic time clock and document stamp with Tru-Align™


  • Synchronizes time via radio wave to the US atomic clock in Boulder, CO
  • Super-bright LED light illuminates print area for easy viewing
  • Tru-Align™ option provides fast printing and perfect punch alignment (25 Tru-Align time cards included)
  • Perpetual calendar until 2099 (changes year, month and date automatically)
  • Automatic activation for simple one-hand printing, manual activation for accurate print positioning or combination automatic/manual activation ensures proper registration
  • Keeps time during power outages
  • Choose from 18 preset print formats
  • Choose from 13 preset messages: RCVD, SENT, IN, OUT, CFMD, FILED, PAID, USED, FAXED, VOID, ORIGN, APR’D, CMPL’D
  • Print time in AM/PM or 24 hour format
  • Large LCD display shows date, time and day of the week
  • Selectable English, French, Spanish, or Portuguese language for printing
  • Use standard time or job cards, or optional E16-100 Tru-Align cards
  • Mounts easily to wall or desktop
  • 5.7″H x 6.3″W x 7.2″D, 4.4 lb

1600E Brochure.pdf

1600E Manual