Did You Know

Do you really know when your employees are working?


It’s 9:00 AM and you are a Supervisor who needs to speak with an employee on your team. According to the status board, this employee clocked in at 8:00 AM but when arrive at employee’s work area; you discover that no one is there. After some investigation, you discover that this employee and another co-worker have been clocking in and out for each other for the past 6 months. You’re the victim of Buddy Punching.

Take Action

If your company’s current data collection solution allows employees to clock in and out for each other, the loses in time and dollars can be serious.  One of the most proven methods for avoiding the pitfalls of Buddy Punching is to implement a Biometric Hand Punch system.  Instead of relying on badges which can be lost, stolen or given to a co-worker, Biometric Hand Punch units use the unique geometry of each employee’s hand to validate identity and enable clocking in and out.

Return on Investment

Whether you are implementing an automated time and labor management solution for the first time or upgrading from an existing system, your company’s investments can be maximized by incorporating a Biometric units part into your time and attendance strategy. While the upfront investment for a Hand Punch unit is more than a traditional data collection terminal, the return on investment is significantly enhanced because biometric devices do not require costly badges and perform a variety of functions more effectively. In addition to recording employee time, Biometric Hand Punch Units can control access to restricted areas and monitor productivity in a multitude of industries including manufacturing/distribution, finance, health care services, hospitality, retail and many others.

The bottom line

Accurate tracking of employee time is essential to determining productivity and Biometry provides an effective means of collecting this type of data.  If your company is at risk of Buddy Punching, a Biometric Hand Punch Unit could be the solution that can save your company time, money and resources that would be otherwise lost.

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